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Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-15T14:43:19+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to deliver hire cars and vans?2021-07-05T16:06:45+01:00

Yes we are, for more details please contact us. However there is a charge and it’s subject to driver availability.

In which way are vehicle hire agreements priced?2021-07-05T16:06:41+01:00
Our hire periods are based on 24 hours, from 8.30 a.m. and are priced daily, weekly and monthly, at an all inclusive price. For example, if a hire vehicle is collected at 10.00 a.m. it needs to be returned by 10.00 a.m. the following day.
Can I use the credit card of another person for car hire?2021-07-05T16:06:32+01:00

Yes, but the card holder needs to be present also with proper ID to sign the hire contract.

Do you require a Security Deposit?2021-07-05T16:06:22+01:00

A deposit will be required on collection. Security deposit ranges from £200 to £500 depending on which vehicle you hire. The deposit amount will clearly be indicated at the booking stage.

What do you require to Hire a vehicle?2021-07-05T16:07:07+01:00
  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 75 (age restrictions apply on cars).
  • Held a Full UK licence for 2 years. We will need your DVLA Verification Code when you come to collect a vehicle.
  • We only accept the following non UK Driving Licences: European, USA, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian and South African. If this licence has been replaced with a UK licence within 2 years we can not insure you.
  • If you have more than 6 points on your licence we can not insure you.
  • If you have convictions TT, CD. IN, DR, UT not more than 5 years old you are unable to hire.
  • We do not accept Cash or American Express for payment.
  • The Hire agreement must be in the name of the card holder paying for the rental.
  • The hire will be subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Proof of Address: 2 forms of identification (e.g. a recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement) must be produced when collecting the vehicle and not be more than 12 weeks old 
  • DVLA Drivers Licence Check Code or present your National Insurance Number to enable a Drivers Licence check.
Can I cancel my hire vehicle reservation?2021-07-05T16:06:11+01:00

Let us know about cancellation ASAP. We must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time otherwise a charge will be incurred of up to one day’s vehicle hire.
If a deposit has been paid then it is non refundable

Am I able to collect my hire vehicle the night before?2021-07-05T16:06:07+01:00

Yes, as long as the vehicle is available. An overnight charge will apply.  (Subject to Branch Opening times)

If I’m under 25 years old, will I be charged an under-age fee?2021-07-05T16:06:00+01:00
Yes, for a hirer under 25 an additional charge will apply.
Can I get a good discounted price for hiring a vehicle by the month?2021-07-05T16:05:56+01:00

Yes, you can. We offer very affordable and reasonable rates for long term period hire.  Contact a member of the team to discuss in  more detail.

Can I check on the condition of my hire vehicle?2021-07-05T16:05:50+01:00

Yes. As part of our hire procedure a member of staff will inspect the vehicle with you. You will be asked to agree and sign for any existing damage and fuel before handing over the vehicle.

What happens if I’m involved in a traffic accident while using the hire vehicle?2021-07-05T16:05:15+01:00

Firstly, get medical attention if necessary, then the incident should be reported at the roadside to our office on the number provided when you collected the vehicle.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down ?2021-07-05T16:05:11+01:00

Breakdown Assistance numbers for the Breakdown Agent are provided on the rental agreement, on a card in the vehicle and on the key rings. Further information is available when calling 01282 864991 out of hours.

Is there a different speed limit for vans than cars?2021-07-05T16:05:05+01:00

Yes there is and it is essential that, as a hire van driver, you are familiar with the appropriate speed limits. The Department of Transport website is helpful for this.

Can I let another person drive the rental car?2021-07-05T16:05:01+01:00

You will need to list any additional drivers on your rental contract at the time of collection. If anybody other than the named driver(s) drives without our consent the hire contract may be terminated and you will be fully liable for all third party claims and extra driver charge.

Are additional drivers allowed?2021-07-05T16:04:57+01:00

Yes, additional drivers are permitted. Additional drivers must conform to the same age and driver license requirement and must be present at the time of rental. (£5 per day is charged for each additional driver).

Is there an additional fuel charge?2021-07-05T16:04:49+01:00

The vehicle should be returned with the same level of fuel that it was supplied with. Any difference will be charged at our published Tariff Rate, this may by means of a calculation.

Is smoking allowed in my hire vehicle?2021-07-05T16:04:43+01:00

No, it is illegal for anybody to smoke in a hire vehicle in the UK. Our hire vehicles display no smoking stickers.

Are hire vehicles allowed to go abroad?2021-07-05T16:04:38+01:00

European hire is possible, please ask about our European hire package with insurance, breakdown cover and all necessary documentation.

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