Vehicle hire that works

Does your business need additional vans or cars, but you’d prefer to avoid committing to a lease agreement or vehicle purchase? Flexihire from CVS could be just the solution. Vehicles are available to hire for short periods, from just one month up to three years, to support your changing business needs.

Benefits of CVS Flexihire

Flexihire compared to a vehicle lease:
  • No requirement to commit to a long-term lease agreement

  • Flexibility to hand the vehicle back if circumstances/needs change
  • Reduced checks and information required at the outset
  • Lower upfront deposit required
  • No company balance sheet implications
  • Perfect way to add vehicles to an existing fleet during busy periods
  • Inclusive of maintenance and repair provisions
  • Fixed cost motoring
  • Replacement vehicle maximising vehicle up-time
Flexihire compared to a vehicle purchase:
  • Less capital tied-up in company vehicles
  • No vehicle depreciation costs
  • No company balance sheet implications
  • Clean, compliant and reliable vehicles for your team
  • Swift access to additional vehicles if needed
  • No unplanned-maintenance costs or vehicle downtime
  • New vehicles to support your brand and image

Flexihire built for business

CVS Flexihire agreements are a flexible hire solution built especially for businesses requiring additional van or car capacity on a temporary basis, due to peak periods in workload. Flexihire offers a perfect buffer to ensure your business has the vehicles you need, when you need them, to maximise sales, continue operations and maintain excellent customer service levels.

Ideal for…

  • Construction and civil engineering businesses
  • Facilities management
  • Builders, plumbers and joiners
  • Courier companies
  • Sales teams
  • Public sector organizations

and more …

Flexihire ideal for individuals

Personal CVS Flexihire agreements are also available for individuals needing a vehicle to use, without the commitment of buying a new vehicle or taking out a long-term leasing arrangement.
Flexihire is the ideal solution if you’re looking to avoid the extensive checks of a longer-term lease agreement, or if you’d simply like a vehicle to use temporarily whilst considering your next vehicle purchase.

Flexihire for you

Whatever the vehicle needs of you or your business, we’ll tailor a Flexihire arrangement that works for you. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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